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Finsthwaite Lane

Here we see the Finsthwaite Road End by the Bridge over the river Leven. Along this road the traveller can find the old and new dwellings nestling cheek by jowl. In places the buildings are tightly packed and in others they are a little more spread out.
The road takes you to Water Close, Linsty Green and then Finsthwaite; along the road there is a turn off for Colton - all of the area is picturesque and well worth seeing.

photo of Finsthwaite Lane Backbarrow

The Old and the New

The photo is of a typical workers cottage from the 1800's, some might say that these were more luxurious than other buildings which workers from the mill lived in fortunately these are no longer standing. However, the drawing of "the Square Backbarrow" will give you an idea of some of the less appealing housing which had outside toilets and outside standpipes for drinking water.

Photo of The Cottages on Finsthwaite Lane
photo looking towards Linsty Green showing New Housing

Above we can see some of the newer developments, this photo was taken from Water Close looking towards Linsty Green

Millerbeck Open Days


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