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Post Office Closure

What should you have in your letter?
Your letter of objection should be polite and cover the main points you want to get across in easy to read sentences etc. Every letter should not be a copy of any other, they will carry more weight with the Post Office if you tailor your letter to your own perceptions and needs.
Points you may want to make in your letter might include any or all of the following: -
Sole Retail Outlet: The Leven Valley Post Office is vital to the infrastructure of the village, being the only shop in Backbarrow and that the closure of the Post Office will certainly lead to the closure of the village shop.
Alternative Travel: The local bus services in Cumbria are under annual review with cuts being made, so this service is uncertain for access to the other post office branches which have been cited as available for us to visit.
If you don't have a car you can't get over a very steep and hazardous fell road to the Post Office at Bowland Bridge and to walk that far would take in the region of 3 hours there and 3 hours back if you are fit and healthy.
For those with a car: The use is a car makes life a little easier; however, it means more car journeys on the already very busy and dangerous A590. Also when you get to the only post office which will be open you will have difficulty in parking.
Impact on Local Facilities: In many villages the closure of the Post Office has been followed by the local school and the local shop.
Elderly Access: The local community has a considerable number of elderly residents who have to be ferried to the local shop as it is. The closure of the local shop and Post Office will require many residents to travel further without parking at the other end. Whilst it is true that the complex at Cascades in Backbarrow does have a shop deep within its building it is by no means accessible and is very small. It was designed only to serve the membership of the Spa and provide simple things like shampoo's etc for after swimming or other hygiene products after exercise. It is totally unsuitable for the role of a Post Office.
Little sense or rhyme to the closure of one post office in one Hosted building to another building further away and less accessible thus effecting the closure of a small business in favour of a much larger concern whose owners actually live abroad?
Examples of Personal Use: Explain what you need the post office for, tell them how often you go to use the local shop which is excellent for convenience shopping and if you don't have a car then it is more important to you for your weekly or daily shopping for food and drinks. Explain how you will be affected if it closes.
Carbon Costs: The government is doing everything it can to stop us using our cars. Why then are they forcing us into our vehicles to travel upwards of seven miles to Ulverston and seven miles back on a very busy road (the A590 is the busiest road in Cumbria during rush fours it even carries more traffic then than the M6)
Un-perceived Value: Clearly the Post Office is unaware that it only pays for a minimal number of hours for the current Post Office to be open when in actual fact the shop and post office is open 54 hours per week. Not a bad deal eh? Why can't the Post Office see the value to the community and how the little business which is our village shop actually subsidises your massive organisation?
Loss of Customers: Undoubtedly the Post Office will loose customers if the local shop is closed in favour of other competitors. For example, as postal restrictions ease local businesses will turn to private mail deliverers for parcels and letters. If your business would consider doing this let them know. If you as a family or person would do the same tell them! Let them see how they are failing to listen to their customers and how it will impact upon them in the future.

Who do you write to?

Write your letter objecting to the closure of the Village Post Office and store to:
Mr Richard Lynds
Network Development Manager
Post Office Ltd
You can email: your letter to: consultation@postoffice.co.uk
Remember your email could be counted as one of the reasons the Post Office wants to close branches, due to the threat from electronic mail. We believe it would be better to post the letter.
You should also copy your letter to Tim Farron and his address is : -
Tim Farron MP
Acland House
Yard 2 Stricklandgate
You may wish to email a copy of your letter to Tim Farron if so simply click on this link.

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The Post Office and Store is situated in the middle of Backbarrow next to the Leven Valley C of E School and across from the Health Centre.
If travelling towards Barrow on the A590 from the M6 you will eventually come upon Backbarrow as the new road splits the village in two. As you see signs for the village turn right into the village, if you have entered the village from the eastern end you will pass the White Water Holiday Complex, continue along the road and you will eventually arrive at the Post Office. If you have entered the village from the west end, you will find the pot office and store some four hundred yards on the right hand side of the road.

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