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E Cigs Are On The Move

If you haven’t noticed recently, e cigarettes are on the move as their popularity continues to grow, and interestingly enough, more among the tobacco smoking crowd than anywhere else. This has to be a concern to the tobacco companies, who still derive a good portion of their revenues from tobacco cigarette sales.

The e cigarette, or e cig as they are also called, is a hollow tube that contains a phenol glycol liquid that is atomized and it forms a vapor. That vapor looks like, and acts like tobacco smoke, only it is perfectly harmless. The user basically gets the same satisfaction from smoking an e cig as he or she does a regular cigarette.

Tobacco cigarette smoke contains over 2000 different chemicals, of which 200 have been shown to be definite cancer causers, and it also contains arsenic and cyanide. The tobacco tar that remains in the lungs like a sticky goo, is also carcinogenic and eventually destroys the aevoli in the lungs, which are the transfer mechanisms for the oxygen to move from the lungs to the blood stream. This causes COPD, and eventually death.

It is no wonder, people are interested in e cigs, because here is a viable substitute for the hazardous tobacco products, and the same enjoyment is present in the new product. Studies have shown that there is much more to smoking than just nicotine addiction, as there are many psychological trigger points that are important to smokers. When you smoke, smoking after meals, at social events, etc, are all factors here.

The e cigs also come with choices of flavoring which can be put into the e cig. Flavors such as strawberry, lemon, lime, cherry, mint, menthol, chocolate and many more flavors are available.

Nicotine can actually be added as well in different strengths from high to low, and this is why many have used e cigs as a means of quitting tobacco products. Much like nicotine gum and patches, the nicotine in the e cigarette can be started at the same level as the current tobacco brand, and then tapered down to an acceptable level, or to no nicotine at all.

Even if a person stayed with the nicotine level that he or she was used to with the tobacco brand, it would be healthier to use the e cig because the tobacco smoke is eliminated.

The products are starting to gain some maturity in the marketing packages, as wild attention-getting color displays, and catchy phrasing makes the ad part of the e cig phenomenon that much more interesting, as big tobacco sits on the fence and watches.

Lolliard, the tobacco giant, recently purchased Blu Cigs, an early entrant into the e cig market, and others are watching closely. If they jump right in do they do damage to their current market of tobacco products, or if they wait will they be too late? These are the questions, and in the meantime more and more e cig companies are entering the fray.