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Sitting Members of Parliament and Local Government

Tim Farron (Liberal Democrat) is our sitting Member of Parliament
Rod Wilson (Lib Dem) is the newly elected County Councillor for Cartmel Divison.
Clive Leal (Lib Dem) is your representative on South Lakeland District Council as our representative.

MEP's representing the North West Region

  • The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins (Con MEP)
  • Chris Davies (Lib Dem MEP)
  • Den Dover (Con MEP)
  • Sajjad Karim (Formerly a Lib Dem MEP now switched to Conservative MEP)
  • Arlene McCarthy (Lab MEP)
  • David A.G. Sumberg (Con MEP)
  • Gary Titley (Lab MEP)
  • John Whittaker (UKIP MEP) 

Cumbria County Council

Cumbria County Council's website can be viewed by clicking on this link.

South Lakeland District Council

You can view South Lakeland District Council's website by clicking on this link

Parish Councils

Haverthwaite Parish Council

Staveley in Cartmel - Parish Council

Millerbeck Open Days


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