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Some Statistics
The village has approximately 1700 residents and the Village forms part of the Cartmel Divison of Cumbria County Council.
The community has a Village Hall which is managed by a committee and regular events are held (information appears in these web pages) How to get there.
Travelling along the A590 enter Backbarrow and turn at the bridge by the Whitewater Hotel into Finsthwaite Lane. Travel along the lane for a couple of miles through some pleasant countryside and you will come to the Village.

Photo of Finsthwaite Village

The Lewthwiate Charity

Frances Jane Lewthwaite of Stott Park, who died in 1914, left a bequest to the Vicar and Churchwardens of the Parish of St Peter, Finsthwaite. One half was "towards the maintenance of music in the Church" and the other half was "to benefit the poor and sick of the Parish". Life has changed very considerably since then. State Pensions and
the NHS have altered the scene, nor would the annual income of about 30 go far with today's prices. Music continues to be a part of Church Services. In accordance with the requirements of the Charity Commissioners, the Trustees aim to modernise this charity, making it more relevant to the present situation. Application has been made for permission to spend the capital as income.

F.J.H. Taylor
Correspondent for the Trustees

Millerbeck Open Days


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