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The quiet surroundings of Haverthwaite and Backbarrow in what might appear to the passing motorist as a rural idyll belies their industrial and sometimes violent past. Haverthwaite's commerce is now largely an agricultural, leisure and high technology based, however it once played a significant role in the history of England and the advancement of technology, spearheading the development of Ironmaking, and Gun Powder.
photo of Smithy Hill Haverthwaite

First day of Spring 2006

First day of Spring 2007

photo of Bridge End spring 2006
photo of Bridge End 2007

Gleanings from the 2001 Census Haverthwaite Civil Parish

The population of 728 was about 0.15% of that of the County and the average age was 44.7 years.
70% of us considered our general health to be good whilst in the county as a whole that percentage was 67. Are we really healthier or do they moan more?
In Haverthwaite there were 334 household spaces with residents.
There were a further 23 which were vacant and 29 which were either second or holiday homes.
The average household size was 2.11 people.
32.1% of the dwellings were detached,
64.0% semi-detached or terraced and
3.9% flats/mobile homes/other.
Of those dwellings, 63.5% were owner occupied,
12% social renting and the remaining 24.6% private renting
Of the 334 dwellings,
12.6% had no car/van associated with them,
41.3% had one car/van,
36.5% had two cars/vans
whilst 9.6% had three.

About Haverthwaite Village

The Old Railway

Haverthwaite does not have what you could call a village centre but its current looks belies its often noisy and dangerous history.
The village has moved from being a rural farming community to playing a major role along with Backbarrow in shaping the country's iron and steel making industries, cotton, and gunpowder. Today it looks very rural with farmland surrounding pockets of houses and businesses.
As you will see on your tour of our pages we now play host to all kinds of businesses; from agriculture to leisure and tourism, from construction and horticultural businesses to high-tech firms.

photo fo Bridge End House House taken from Levens Garth

Surrounding and mingling in with the industrial and commercial life of the village are all the residential dwellings many of which were once places of work associated with our industrial past.
We hope you enjoy your virtual tour of Haverthwaite and think of us when you want to visit for a rest, or to look for suppliers of good and services.

All that is left of the old railway is the bridge embankments and stone piers. Trains used to carry gunpowder, agricultural supplies and iron to and from Lowwood and Haverthwaite.

photo of the remains of the Old Railway Bridge at Haverthwaite

Lakeside & Haverthwaite Steam Railway

photo of platform at Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway

The lines from Lowwood would have linked up with the station which is now the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Steam railway where from there the gunpowder would have been taken to dockyards for the navy or for blasting at the local mines and quarries.


photo of Playdale, formerly Croasdale's woodyard

Playdale manufacture and install superb quality play grounds and play equipment. Based at the foot of Smithy Hill, Haverthwaite they have a new factory and are expanding. The company was formerly Croasdale's who have been around for some considerable time, fin fact since the 16th Century, they supplied the Gunpowder works and the Iron works with timber products.

You can read more about the history of Croasdale's by clicking on this link

Hollow Oak Care Home

The Anglers Arms

photo of Hollow Oak Nursing Home Haverthwaite 2005

Hollow Oak has been a care home since the 1950's and more can be seen about its past in later pages.
The owners provide quality care for the elderly

photo of the Anglers Arms Haverthwaite

The Anglers Arms Haverthwaite after a winter snow storm. The pub is now owned by Mitchell's of Lancaster who moved out of Brewing into Pub Ownership in recent years. The pub is a tenanted house.

George Barker & Sons

The Clock Tower

photo of Barkers woodyard and heritage centre

Barker's wood yard as it was known, like many businesses has evolved over time and had to change once the old mill, the gunpowder works and iron works closed.
Today the firm has a comprehensive stock of wood products for the garden including spa baths, sheds, summer houses and patio products.

The clock tower building is part of the old Gunpowder Works. The site now houses a number of small businesses, from an electrical goods supplier to an upholsterer.

photo of Lowwood Gunpowder Works by D Birchall copyright Artemis Media 2007

Millerbeck Open Days


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