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Priest in Charge
Rev Canon Peter Calvert

Photo of Canon Rev Peter Calvert

Leven Valley Benefice

To arrange Christenings, Marriages, Funerals, Blessings please contact us on 015395 31476.
For Church Hall Bookings please call Mr Fayle on 015395 31824

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Learning Together

Faith, Hope and Love - the York course.
Once again, an apology for a changed date. A very important
meeting of the Team Council has had to be moved to Tuesday 12th May, one of the dates we had planned for the course on faith, hope and love. Because of this, session 4 of the course will now take place on Tuesday 19th May, and session 5 on Tuesday 2nd June – both, as usual, in the Hall at Haverthwaite at 7.30 pm.

Worship Matters

Further to my note last month, there will be a simple said
Communion service on Monday 1st June at Finsthwaite at 7.30 pm, in the course of which there will be an extended time of intercessory prayer.
This is the opportunity we have been looking for to use in a meaningful way the messages left on our notice boards. As St Peter's is the only church kept open most of the time, it seems appropriate to hold the first of these services there, as a good number of prayer requests are left in church. Naturally, all are invited to the service, which it is hoped will be the first in a regular series.


Looking ahead to the Feast of Pentecost [Sunday 31st May] there will be a service for all the parishes of the Cartmel team and our benefice at the Priory at 10.30 am. This will not only be the sung Communion of Pentecost, but also a Confirmation service. If anyone is interested in confirmation, this is a good opportunity to come forward – there may not be another confirmation in this area for a while. Some of the preparation could be undertaken with adults in other parishes, which helps to broaden everyone's understanding by sharing experiences.

From the Registers

St Anne's Haverthwaite

St Peter's Finsthwaite

St Mary's Staveley

Holy Baptism

Holy Baptism

Alice May Satterthwaite
at St Peter's Finsthwaite on 12th October 08
Stephen Peter Watson
at St Peter's Finsthwaite on 12th October 08

Holy Baptism

Reegan Porter
on 22nd June 08 at St Mary's Staveley

Holy Matrimony

Rebecca Hindley and Stephen Hardy
Saturday 31st January 2009 at St Anne's Haverthwaite

John Palliser & Lisa Barratt
11th October 2008 at St Anne's Haverthwaite

Holy Matrimony

Paul Wellings & Karen Whitehead
on 8th August 08 at St Peter's Finsthwaite

Joseph McElroy & Joanne Jeffrey
on 26th July 08 at St Peter's Finsthwaite

Andrew Bell & Freya Horsley
on 21st July 08 at St Peter's Finsthwaite

Graeme Everist & Marion Hull
on 28th June at St Peter's Finsthwaite

Stewart Burns & Barbara Mein
14th June 2008 at St Peter's Finsthwaite

Holy Matrimony

Stuart Fleming & Laura Barr
on 29 March 2009 at Staveley in Cartmel

Duncan Bromley & Victoria Appleby
on 26th July at St Mary's Staveley

Paul Wilford & Kathryn Thorp
21st June 08 at Syt Mary's Staveley

Gareth Sargent & Katie Christopher
10th May 2008 at St Mary's Staveley in Cartmel

Christian Funeral

Henry Gordon Creighton
on 27th November 08 Service and Interment at St Anne's Haverthwaite

William Derek Bunting (Bill)
19th May 2008 at St Anne's and Barrow crematorium

Christian Funeral

Robert (Bob) Casson
7 January 2009 at St Peter's Finsthwaite

George Edgar Coward
22nd May 2008 at St Peter's Finsthwaite

Christian Funeral

Georgina Murray
on 25 March 2009 at Staveley in Cartmel

Robert (Bob) Casson
On 7th January 2009 at St Mary's Staveley

Edna Marrow
on 29th July 08 at St Mary's Staveley

Anne Scott
18th June 2008 at St Mary's Staveley.

Burial of Cremated Remains

John Kennedy Greg
on 18th July 08 at St Anne's Haverthwaite

William [Bill] Bunting
on 6th July at St Anne's Haverthwaite

Burial of Cremated Remains

Phyllis Bourton
at St Peter's Finsthwaite on 24th June 08

Burial of Cremated Remains

Elsie Whittaker
19th May 2008 at St Mary's Staveley in Cartmel

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Road Safety

Churchyard/Cemetery Regulations

Parking at Haverthwaite Cemetery Gates

We are told that cars parked on the road at Haverthwaite by the cemetery gates are considered to be a possible traffic hazard.
May we ask that, whenever possible, people visiting the cemetery should park somewhere along Old Barrow Road opposite, please?

Thank you for your co-operation in making visits to the cemetery safer.
Haverthwaite PCC

All churches are bound by the Diocesan regulations which are designed, with much experience, to ensure that the resting place of our loved ones looks suitably peaceful and as cared for as possible.
Maintaining churchyards to these standards is not easy, but we do our best. Volunteer labour is scarce and paid labour has to be paid for by us! Please help us to achieve what we are attempting.
Remember the regulations forbid the planting of flowers or bushes and, please, no jam jars. Artificial flowers are not allowed except for the poppies on Remembrance Day wreathes.
Christmas and Easter wreathes should contain no artificial flowers, and all wreathes should be removed within four weeks.

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