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The Furness Railway Trust has revealed plans to create a museum and workshop, with associated visitor facilities, close to Haverthwaite station.
There is an urgent need to bring the Trust's valuable collection under cover on a single site, and to allow further restoration projects to take place. There is no room at the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway for such a facility.
The Trust has identified a preferred site near St. Anne's Church in Haverthwaite. The key advantages of this site are that it is relatively close to Haverthwaite Station, can be accessed by an existing junction on the A590 onto a now truncated old section of the main road, and it also adjoins the former railway trackbed.
The proposal includes a rail link from the new site to Haverthwaite Station, to pass under the A590, which would have the potential to shuttle passengers to and from the Museum and to allow rolling stock to be transferred between the L&HR and the new museum and workshop.
The site would be able to accommodate the increasingly common overspill of parking from the existing Haverthwaite station during the high season, and would also provide a southern terminus for the new shuttle bus to nearby Grizedale Forest.
One of the key features of the proposed scheme is that it should be as ‘green' as possible. The FRT Committee is keen that the carbon footprint of the new site should be minimised and that environmentally friendly technology should be utilised wherever possible. In short, the desire is to make the scheme an exemplar in energy and resource saving features and a showpiece on how to implement sustainable tourism.
The scheme would cost in the region of 5m and approaches have been made to a number of funding bodies. So far, the FRT has received positive initial responses.
At the moment, the proposals are still very much at the conceptual stage and we are a long way from being in a position to seek planning permission. Much work still needs to be done to produce workable architects and engineering drawings, and the supporting documentation required by the Lake District National Park Authority.
A public meeting in the village, chaired by local Cumbria County Councillor Ted Walsh, raised a number of issues, mainly focusing on the impact that additional traffic would have on the road junctions. However, it was the
overall mood of the meeting that the FRT should be asked to develop the proposals further and to report back on how some of the issues raised could be resolved or mitigated.
Tim Owen, the FRT Chairman, said "I believe that the FRT's proposals are both exciting and innovative. They would provide a new all weather attraction in the South Lakes, relieve parking problems in the Haverthwaite area during the peak season and encourage sustainable tourism."
"The economic benefits would be felt widely amongst many businesses in the South and Central Lakes areas. Importantly, it would also allow us to have the facilities that we so badly need to assist in our railway conservation work."

The Furness Railway Trust is based on the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway.
It owns the oldest working engine in Britain Furness Railway No. 20, as well as GWR 0-6-2T No. 5643 and LHR-based Hunslet Austerity "Cumbria". It is also assembling a vintage train, and has an extensive collection of other railway items.

TIM OWEN, FRT Chairman:
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