Soap Box Derby Rules

Summer Soap Box Derby Launched

The Soap Box Derby which will form part of the Summer Garden Party at St Anne's Church Haverthwaite has been launched with great interest from adults and children alike.
The Garden Party is an annual event which is open to anyone and usually we have loads of fun! Games, good food and drinks are available and those who have attended have always enjoyed themselves - no matter what the weather has been like.
The proceeds go to the Church's work in the community so we can put on events like the Soap Box Derby and others.

The Date to Remember!

Saturday 9th August 2008

The garden party and side shows start at 11:00 am and usually runs until 5:00 pm. Participants in the Soap Box Derby will be able to muster at the top of Old Barrow Road "in the pits" and the time trials will run until they are completed.
Prizes and trophies can be won!

The Rules for participants

Saturday 9th August between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm
Soap Box Classes
Junior 7 to 9's
Junior 10 to 12's
Junior 13 to 16's
Adults 17 to 49
Adults 50 years and upwards
Best Decorated Vehicle Overall
Most innovative Vehicle Design Overall
Entry Fees:
Juniors 2:00
Adults: 5:00
All Competitors MUST have a receipt for entry fee payment, a signed entry form and disclaimer declaration for each entry and a designated entry number before they can take part
Soap Box Age Groups:
Junior Section
Ages 7 – 9 years
Ages 10 – 12 years
Ages 13 – 16 years
Adult Section
17 to 49 years
50 Plus
Team Entries - Entry subject to above age categories (age at 9th August 08)
Teams must have one driver and one pusher who can be of any age over 7 years on the date of the event - 9/8/08
Passengers are allowed if the design of the vehicle permits, but passengers must not push! (Only the designated pusher can push)
There will be a trophy for each category winner and individual medals will be awarded to all Junior participants. (see age groups)

  1. The course is a Time Trial with the best time from two runs counting. The course starts at the top of the old road and runs down towards the five bar gate near the church.  
  2. You will have two runs to find your best time, no further runs will be allowed and the fastest time of the two runs will be taken for the event scoring. 
  3. The course will be marked out and vehicles must stay within the course boundaries to score. 
  4. Junior Competitors will not be allowed to run the course if the driver and any passengers do not have the required safety clothing and equipment! Such as, a. Cycle hats b. Elbow protection, c. Knee Protection d.Thick or padded clothing is advised. Adults are advised to wear the same protective clothing! 
  5. Adults are warned that they should wear the same protective clothing as Junior riders, but for them it is discretionary. 
  6. Each run will be timed by a time keeper 
  7. You may not start your run until the starter has cleared you for go. 
  8. Teams must have one driver and one pusher, passengers are allowed but they must not push! (only the designated pusher can push) 
  9. Only one medal / trophy will be awarded to teams, normally to the driver. 
  10. The pusher may push the vehicle as far as the first line "The End Push Line" on the course and must stop pushing before his or her pushing stick or body goes over the line. The vehicle must then free wheel down the course to the finish line and the fastest run will win. 
  11. No additional power will be allowed – no pedals, no engines, no sails etc. Only manpower up until the end push line, after that the vehicle must free wheel. Any form of assistance after the push line will disqualify the vehicle / team 
  12. The judge's decision is final! No appeals allowed! 
  13. All competitors take part at their own risk 
  14. Juniors under the age of 16 must have a parent's / guardian's signature to take part  
  15. St Anne's PCC, the marshals and organisers take no responsibility for injury or damage to the vehicles or property. Each entrant must accept responsibility for their own actions and understand the possible risks of taking part. 
  16. Dangerous actions will be penalised and could result in your disqualification 
  17. Each competitor must sign the entry form and accept these terms and conditions or they will not be allowed to compete 
  18. You must have paid your entry fee before you can take part 
  19. Each vehicle will be given a number for ease of identification in scoring etc 

Download Entry Form

[File] Download Entry Form (57.6 kB)

[File] Download Soap Box Derby Rules (82.5 kB)

Return completed Entry Forms with entry fees to:

The Secretary
5 Oakmoss
Nr Ulverston
LA12 8BU

One entry form per team;
A Team is One Driver and One Pusher.

You can obtain forms by post by ringing the following numbers
R Sanderson: 31125
D Birchall: 31338

Fight the Post Office Closure


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