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The Parish Council is undertaking the preparation of a Community Statement as a part of the necessary process of forming a new Parish Plan. The Statement will set out what local people value in our community and what they would like to change. It is also an Action Plan for projects to achieve the aspirations of residents, setting out what needs to be undertaken, how it is to be achieved, who is going to undertake the task and finally how the project is to be resourced.

  • What should our priorities be?  
  • What needs to be changed? 

Your opinions will be valued. You can take part in this initiative by giving your views to the Clerk, Peter Day (30235) or to one of your local Parish Councillors, Malcolm Slee (31631) or Mike Wren (31082).

A590 Trunk Road – Barrowbanks /Back Lane crossroads Safety campaign and noise abatement appeal.

Dr. John Binless would like to thank the many residents of Staveley in Cartmel Civil Parish who recently responded to his campaign appeal to improve the safety of the Barrowbanks Crossroads, following the completion of the High and Low Newton bypass construction in the Spring of 2008. Details of all the responses and comments, as well as support for the re-instatement of noise reducing hedgerows between the crossroads and Newby Bridge, have been forwarded to the Highways Agency for action and to Tim Farron MP for his active support.

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