The Summer Garden Party and Soap Box Derby

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The Leven Valley Benefice

St Anne's Haverthwaite Summer Garden Party & Soap Box Derby

St Anne's Summer Garden Party - Haverthwaite

Every Summer we run a garden party for raising money so that we can carry out our work in the community. This year will be a special Garden Party because for the first time we intend to make it a day's celebration by holding the garden party and for the first time a summer Soap Box Derby.
Perhaps we could also run a dance in the evening subject to weather and numbers?
What do you think?

Date and Tickets:

The Garden Party and Soap Box Derby will be held on Saturday 9th August 2008 starting at 11 am.
Soap Box competitors should be there with their vehicles around 10:30 am for registration etc. First time trials will be scheduled to start off at 11:00 am.
Entry to the event:
Adults will be charged 0.50 pence, yes a massive 50p each.
Children under 15 years will be admitted free.
Entry to the Soap Box Derby is 5.00 for adults and 2.00 for juniors. Entry forms and competition rules can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.
Follow this link to view the entry categories and rules

Since we launched the Soap Box Derby event we have been asked by one or two people "What does a Soap Box look like?" So we have attempted a drawing for those of you who are eager to get started on building and trialling you own.
Forgive the poor drawing standard, but it's some time since we have been asked to draw something like this free hand and we could not find any photo's - but this will do until we have made one and then we'll photograph that and load it onto these pages for all to see.
Drawing of a go-cart or bogie

How to build one:

The drawing on the right may take a little while to load as its a bit bigger than we would normally use, but hopefully it will be worth it.
I wonder if we could win the Turner Prize with this?
As you will see the drawing is of a simple basic go-cart or bogie, consisting of a few planks of wood, two axles and four wheels. It's important to remember that the front wheels have to be able to turn so make sure they are fixed with a nut and bolt and that you use washers to make sure the wheels can turn. The back set of wheels are naturally fixed and don't need to move.

You can download a bigger picture for your use in making a go-cart or bogie by clicking on the link below.

[File] Drawing of Go-Cart or Bogie (125.6 kB)

The Summer Garden Party

Of course the Soap Box Derby is only part of the Summer Garden Party, an annual event to raise money for our work in and with the community. In the past it has helped us to put on trips for OAP's or should we say senior citizens and for children's events such as the Christmas Eve Crib Service and Children's Tea Party.
Some of the attractions for this year will be: -

  • Afternoon teas 
  • Drinks 
  • Burger and hot-dog bar (run by the Anglers Arms) 
  • A Pea shooting competition 
  • Wellie throwing (make sure you take them off first) 
  • Hoop La 
  • The Soap Box Derby 
  • And many more 

Tim Farron challenged!

When Tim Farron our MP was here recently we issued him with a challenge for the Soap Box Derby. Let's see if he takes it up and is brave enough to go up against the church's own "crack team". So far the pusher and driver are in their 90's but we may get some younger volunteers before the great day!

Soap Box Derby Rules and Entry forms

[File] Soap Box Derby Rules (82.5 kB)

[File] Soap Box Derby Entry Forms (57.6 kB)

Once completed the entry forms and entry fees should be returned to the Secretary at
5 Oakmoss
LA12 8BU
Tel: 31338

How to obtain Entry forms and Rules

If you can't download these forms you can call us and we will ost them out to you.
Numbers to call
31338 - Dave
31125 - Rick
And we will get them to you, just leave your name and address on the answer phone if you don't get through.

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